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Warhawks Athletics

James Madison High School


Warhawks Athletics

James Madison High School

Warhawks Athletics

James Madison High School

Team News.

Team News

6 months ago @ 11:06AM

Tryouts 1718

Girls Basketball Tryout Information:


Tryouts are a 3 day process. The coaches will look at your basketball fundamentals, work ethic and over all attitude. Freshman and JV will practice together the first day and be split by the coaches on day 2 and day 3. After those 3 days, we will meet with each player and let them know whether they made a team or not. If you do not make a team, VYI has openings for high school players and it is a great opportunity to continue to play the game.


For those of you trying out for the FRESHMAN team, you will have to take a bus to Thoreau on Wednesday November 8th. The bus will meet you in front of the main gym. You will need to tell your parents to pick you up from Thoreau at 6:45.


Please let us know if you have any questions,


Madison basketball staff

Coach Stone- Varsity

Coach Ceglie- JV

Coach Gilbert- Freshman



                       Main                       Small                                Thoreau Big              Thoreau sm.



12:30-3:30 GV


12:30-3:30 GF/GJV






12:30-3:30 GV


8:30-10:30 GJV

 10:30-12:30 GF





*Last day of tryouts

3:45-6 GV



5:30-7:30 GJV


4:45-6:45 GF *meet in front of Madison main gym to get bus



3:45-6 GV


3:30-5:30 GF

7:30-9:30 GJV





3:45-5:45 GV

7:45-9:30 GJV

3:30-5:30 GF





8-10 BJV

10-12 BV

12-2 GV

8-10 BF

10-12 GF

12-2 GJV

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