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Warhawks Athletics

James Madison High School


Warhawks Athletics

James Madison High School

Warhawks Athletics

James Madison High School

Team News.

Team News

8 months ago @ 8:44PM

Important Dates

****Upcoming dates:

Practices at 7am the first two weeks (exception on 8/17)

There will be a couple of Saturday bonus practices to help you get to 20 practices with the team before the first meet on 9/9   (8/19 7am at Edison   9/2 7am at TC Williams)

After that, the practices are every weekday at 330pm

at Nottoway 3x week and Madison 2x week  Pattern is usually M/Th at Madison, but not always.  IE 8/21 at Nottoway rest of the week TBD

8/7 first day of practice at Nottoway Park.

  Meet at the near the flag pole not too far from the bathrooms and the soccer field   

  Time trial for freshmen is 1 mile, everyone else does 2 miles.

8/10 Meet the coach night (for parents)  7pm other details TBA

8/14 Last time trial freshmen do 2 miles to see where they are on the team, all others that didn’t make the time on 8/7 will get one more chance to make the time.

8/15 Team Shoe night at Potomac River Running in Vienna 

8/18 Team Pictures times/details TBA

8/19  extra practice at 7am at Edison and/or Help at all comer meet at Edison

8/21 first 330pm practice day

8/22 Fall Kickoff….practice time TBA could have one early and one at 2pm right before fall kickoff so just make one, again details TBA

8/30 5k time trial  (date subject to change)

9/2 extra practice 7am at TC Williams and/or Help at track meet at TC Williams

‚Äč9/3 Help at track meet at TC Williams

9/9 First meet top 15 freshmen, top 15 JV top 10 varsity go to this meet

Team News

11 months ago @ 6:28PM

Tryout info

We start August 7th  7am at Nottoway Park. Meet near the bathrooms.

Weather update: we plan on having practice at Nottoway...look for an update Sunday night if there is close to a 100% chance of thunder/heavy rain we will meet at Madison in the cafeteria, hopefully it will be fine. Just a heads up to check your email.

Late forms: If you have forms to turn in do that at 630am on Monday. You might get to run if all signatures are in order and concussion information is good. Late Physicals will get cleared after practice, so you should plan on being at practice to help and can run the second time trial.

tryout protocol:

Freshmen run a mile time trial on 8/7 and a two mile time trial on 8/14. No freshmen are cut from the team by time.  Those that can't run under 14 minutes for boys and 18:00 for girls will stay in the park until they improve their endurance.

Non-Freshmen: run a two mile time trial on 8/7 Boys must run 13:00 for two miles (sophomores 13:30)

Girls must run 17:30.  Make the time = make the team.

Those that don't will still run at practice Tu-Fr and try the two mile time trial again on 8/14. 

We will talk to each person that doesn't make the team by 8/14 about their options: workout on own Tu-Th and try for a final/last chance on Friday 8/18 coming early 615am (warmups) ready to go at 6:35am.  After that there is no more chances to make the team. 

Those making the time to be on the team are expected to follow team rules and be at practice every day.  After the time trials, one could cut themselves and quit or be dismissed by not following team rules.  Team rules will be posted under team files.





Team News

11 months ago @ 6:30PM

Join the e-mail group

We ask that at least one person from each family is on the e-mail list.  Parents/athletes can all join the list, but at least one should be on the list to get updates on the season.

Send an email to: with your first and last name in the subject line to get added to our email group    
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