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Warhawks Athletics

James Madison High School

Warhawks Athletics

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Team News.

Team News

2 years ago @ 12:51PM

Boys Tennis Tryouts 2017

                  Organizational Meeting on Feb 8, 2017 & Team Tryouts Feb 20-22, 2017


KEY DATES and DATA for 2017 Season

Organizational Meeting on Wednesday February 8, 2017, at 3:15 P.M. in classroom 129B near the exit door close to the Activities Office
Required Forms: Forms for Physical Exam, Participation Policy, and Emergency Care (please submit two copies of the latter form) should all be completed, signed, and turned in to the coach or the Activities Office by Feb 13, 2017.  (Please ask Ms. Anderson in the Activities Office to place the forms in the Boys Tennis Mailbox.) This year is the 6th one including a requirement that each athlete and one parent take an online concussion education course, which can be found at where you click on concussion education. Once there, there is a link for parents to take the course and a link for athletes to take it. Once the parent has completed the slide show, it will issue a certificate (no certificate is issued for the athlete). I suggest you print a copy of this certificate in case the school database doesn’t register your completion of the course. 

  Players CANNOT TRY OUT UNLESS the online concussion course has been taken and all 3 of these required forms have been completed, signed, and turned in prior to tryouts.

BOYS TENNIS TEAM TRYOUTS: Feb 20, 21, & 22, 2017 (Mon-Weds)

  Indoors at the Regency Sports and Health Club on Old Meadow Rd in McLean.  We will have tryouts from 2 to 4 on Monday Feb 20 (a school holiday) and from 4 to 6 on February 21 and 22.  A school bus will pick up athletes at 3:15 in front of Main Gym on Feb 21 and 22 but there will be no bus on Feb 20. 

 Tennis skills (all strokes, including volleying, overheads, and lobbing), athleticism (e.g. speed, footwork, & power), mental strength & smartness on the courts, sportsmanship, attitude & character (to the extent they can be determined during tryouts or prior season), effort & commitment to both the team and tennis, and potential for improvement (depending in part on number of years remaining in Madison).


The state requires a minimum of 3 days of tryouts for those who are cut, but tryouts can be continued for certain players at the discretion of the coaches.
All those trying out must have had a physical exam conducted since May 1, 2016.  BOTH the doctor's signature and office stamp are required on the 2016-17 VHSL physical exam form with the school Warhawk insignia on the top.
The boys and girls tennis teams will both practice at Madison after school ends, with the two teams alternating starting practice times each week.  Prior to the onset of daylight savings time, the boys and girls teams will rotate practices between Madison and Cardinal Hill Swim and Tennis Club.
Beginning on February 23, the Boys Team will practice at Madison or Cardinal Hill from 3:30 until dark.  After Daylight Savings Time begins on March 13, the boys team will begin practice at either 3:15 or 4:45 at Madison. 

 Ravi Suresh (, Clark Bowden (, and Luke Sablik (   
We will play 2 preseason scrimmages, one at Landon on March 13 (rain date is March 21) and one at Flint Hill on March 9, both at 4 P.M..  (We usually schedule scrimmages away against these two schools because they both have a lot of courts (10 and 8).  As in recent years, we will try to play everyone on the team in singles or doubles in both of these 8-game pro set scrimmages.
Our regular season conference matches will begin on Tuesday March 14. (The schedule will soon be posted on this website.)  We play the other 7 teams in Conference 6 (formerly called the Liberty District) twice each, home and away.

Last year we ended up being a State Semifinalist with an overall record of 13-7, after having finished third in our conference and as Runner-up in the Northern Region.  In 2015 we finished in fourth place in our Conference at 4-3, behind Langley, McLean, and Yorktown (finishing 8-6 overall during the regular season). In 2014 we finished in a three-way tie for third place in our Conference at 4-3, behind Langley and McLean and tied with Yorktown and South Lakes (finishing 8-6 during the regular season).  A narrow 4-5 loss to Yorktown in a playoff kept us from advancing to Northern Regional play.  In 2013 we finished behind TJ, Langley, and McLean in 4th place with a 7-7 record in the 8-team old Liberty District.  In 2012 we finished 8-6, in 4th place, behind TJ, McLean, and Langley.

  (To illustrate the typical strength of the current Conference 6 and the former Liberty District, its three top teams typically reach the Northern Regional Semifinals in a region consisting of 30 AAA high schools and one of our teams usually finishes as State Champion or Runner-up.  For instance, two years ago Langley finished as Runner-up in the State to Oakton and the year before Langley was also State Runner-up, to Lake Braddock.  Four years ago TJ won the State Championship and five years ago the team which finished 3rd in our district (Langley) ended up as Runner-up in the State.)

  In 2011 we finished in 4th place, behind TJ, Langley, and McLean, with an 8-6 record.  In 2010 we finished 10-4, in 3rd place behind TJ and Langley.  In 2009 we finished an identical 10-4 behind the same two teams, and in 2008 we finished 11-3 in a tie for 2nd place with Langley but lost in a playoff to see which team would join TJ in Northern Regional play.  In the years before that we finished 8-6, 16-3, 15-1, 15-3, 9-3, and 2-10 (in my initial year with the team).  We won 3 straight District Championships in 2004, 2005, and 2006 and were Regional Runner-up and State Quarterfinalist in both 2006 and 2004 and Regional Semifinalist in 2005.

   Along with having teams known for outstanding academic records (usually at least 75% of our team’s players have a 3.5 or better GPA), good sportsmanship, and the most different players playing in official matches (in some years we played as many as 19, 22, 22, and 23 guys, probably a State record), we are also very proud of our 70% winning record over the last 14 seasons.  (This will be Head Coach Adams' 16th year coaching our team.)
The team rules, which will be distributed at the outset of the season, will be strictly enforced.
Ensure our continued emphasis on the primacy of integrity and good sportsmanship and the need for academics to come before athletics.  Emphasize the need for strict adherence to the Extracurricular

Participation Policies, with no tolerance for drug, alcohol, steroids, or cigarette use. 
Inspire good team chemistry and instill team commitment and the desire to continually improve both tennis and physical condition.
Get as many players as possible "match-tough" before the regular season matches begin and get all focused on the need for positive thinking/body language and playing especially effectively and smartly on key points. To prepare for the stress of team matches and establish a fair ladder, by playing lots of challenge matches.

Focus on areas for individual and team improvement.
Experiment with doubles pairings, with emphasis on good team chemistry, since all doubles teams might be new.
Have fun! Try to ensure that all those on the team will enjoy tennis enough to play it the rest of their lives.

Play regularly in the preseason, including tournaments, and take as many tennis lessons as possible.
Keep up physical conditioning, doing lots of running (especially sprints).
Don't do any weight room workouts without advice of trainers knowledgeable about the equipment and exercises appropriate for tennis players (in order to avoid weight-lifting injuries which have plagued some of our players in the past).
Please feel free to contact the head coach at any time if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.
Head Coach Glenn Adams: 703-506-1462 (home); 703-909-3638 (cell); email  

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