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Warhawks Athletics

James Madison High School


Warhawks Athletics

James Madison High School

Warhawks Athletics

James Madison High School

Team Files.

Burke Lake Best Times (updated through 2017 region meet)

Team and individual data from this historic course (used since 1975 for Monroe Parker, District/Conference and Regional Meets) Now with 84 girls in Madison history under 20:15 and 89 boys under 16:47

XC Calendar for the season

Subject to change. But here is the most updated info as of 8/16!

Summer Mileage

one page is for freshmen, the other page is for 10th-12th grade.

Forms needed

forms needed for the season are attached

Driver Insurance Form

You need this form to take anyone else in your vehicle. (Assuming they have the ride with parent form filled out and both parties have notified Coach Chasse in advance of the need to get a ride and not take the bus back from the meet) This form is also needed to take yourself/own child to a meet, but this is a rare instance that would also be cleared in advance.

Meet the coach night info

This is the power point that was covered at meet the coach night on 8/10 Parents are encouraged to come to the shoe night on 8/15 at PRR Vienna on 8/15 @730pm to meet some coaches as well.

Ride with Parent

You need this form filled out to be able to carpool back from things like the Burke Lake practice on 8-17. FCPS would prefer you take the bus to and from a meet/offsite location. But this gives you some flexibility if you have this form in and communicate the reason to need a ride from the meet.

Uniform order form

The singlet (tank top) is a required item. Orders will be processed as soon as you turn them in. You can get your singlet any day we are at Madison by going to the track office after practice! Any order for shorts or spandex not in by 8/30 will probably not be in before the first meet. You can order through us for solid black spandex and shorts or get your own. If you get your own shorts/spandex they can't have any stripes/other colors on them. Logos must be 1.5"x1.5" or smaller. (so NIKE or Underarmour writte across the whole waist band doesn't work.

Be sure to check out the General Files page for additional files.
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